About Our Team

GAP ’01 Blue is a competitive first year 16U A level fast pitch travel team out of Woodstock, GA.


Our Coaches help these young ladies learn through repetition, practice, demonstration and reinforcement. We strive to be patient teachers of the game of softball. We encourage and praise good play. Our responsibility is to coach, teach and provide leadership to these young ladies. We recognize the importance of developing girls’ fast pitch softball skills, as well as the desire to field competitive teams that will enjoy success locally, regionally, and nationally.


We teach players the correct fundamentals of softball. We seek to improve all aspects of their game to better prepare them for the current tournament schedule and position them for future success. We strive to maximize the talent and capabilities of each player. The coaching staff uses their experience as players and coaches constantly researching and using the best training and coaching techniques to further develop the players.


Our girls have fun. We want them to love the game, love playing the game, and always be excited for the next practice or game.


We win with dignity, and work to be gracious in defeat. We respect our fellow teammates, coaches, parents, umpires and opponents.


Our girls know that a team is a family. We’ll support and encourage our teammates. We win and lose together as a team.


We play to win, but never at the expense of any other team value. Winning comes as a byproduct of implementing and achieving our team goals and values.