GA Power Mission Statement

To provide an environment in which each player has the opportunity to develop individual fast pitch softball skills and enhanced mental preparation through sound teaching of success proven fundamentals and game competition.


  • No coach, player or team representative will be allowed to compromise the integrity of the program, or violate the articles of the program by-laws.
  • Personal agendas are secondary to team objectives.
  • Each team will conduct an “open” tryout(s) each off-season to allow any girl who wishes to go through the tryout process.
  • Coaches, players and team representatives must be committed to the long-term objectives of the program.
  • Coaches, players and team representatives will treat each other with respect.
  • Academic success and social development are essential to the overall success of the program.
  • There will be a zero tolerance level for individuals who insist on violating the policies and procedures outlined in the “Parent/Player” agreement contract.
  • Coaches, players and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner when representing the program.
  • All funds, raised or donated, for the teams in the program will be spent solely on team operating expenses.
  • We will make every effort to provide an atmosphere in which coaches, players and parents will work collectively in the best interest of the program.
  • We will NOT offer “guarantees” of playing time or position(s) to players or parents. Players will be taught the value of competing for playing time at practices and during games.
  • A commitment to the philosophy of the “process of preparation” prior to games is critical to the long-term development of each player.


  • Build a staff of coaches, at every level, who possess a high level of positive energy, strong moral fiber and are dedicated to team goals over any personal agendas
  • Develop a consistent theory of success proven fundamentals, training techniques, discipline, values of sportsmanship, and game strategy throughout the program.
  • Promote a theory that “team success far outweighs individual achievement”.
  • Develop a program in which each girl is afforded the opportunity to enhance her skills, and receive the exposure and support necessary to play at the highest level.
  • When players within the program are approaching high school graduation, a exposure plan will be instituted to assist in gaining recognition and admission to an appropriate college institution.
  • Each year our age groups teams will attempt to qualify for play in the ASA National Tournament first. Failure to qualify will allow the respective team to play in another officially sanctioned (NSA, USFA, AFA, USSSA, etc.) National Tournament.

Retain as many returning players and coaches as possible to the Program, with the understanding that players often change teams based on the amount of playing time they may have, or have not, received during the previous season.